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By Claudia Arcas

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3 Tools for success:  Fitness, nutrition, and support.

Tool #1   Fitness: (Muscle burns fat)

This is one key element in any fitness program that will help you succeed. Gaining toned muscle will help you lose fat, bottom line. Since muscle weighs more than fat, do not rely on a scale to measure your initial progress, use a measuring tape and measure your waistline.

Which fitness program to use: We highly recommend starting with 10 minute Trainer.

Why 10 minute Trainer! Because it’s only 10 minutes a day, and it’s a workout anyone can do. You need to work on a foundation before you can jump into the harder training programs such as Insanity. 10 Minute trainer is easy, it’s fun, and again it’s only 10 minutes, and it gives results. For faster results,  you can double up, and do it twice a day, or triple up, and do it 3 times a day. The more advanced dvd’s included in 10 minute trainer are up to 30 minutes long. So you can customize your training to fit your schedule, your needs, and your goal expectations!

Tool # 2 Nutrition: (sugar gets converted into fat)

Your body is like a well oiled machine. In any industrial machine, if you use the wrong type of oils for lubrication the gears would begin to grind, and lock up. In most cases, destroying the machine. Our bodies are similar. The wrong types of food can cause a level of toxins to build up inside your body, your body does not function to its optimum level, and you feel tired all the time and become less active. Soda alone contains about 39 grams of sugar.  In most cases the wrong types of food you ingest have lots of extra calories that get stored as fat, thus you gain weight.

Cravings: Lets talk about cravings for a second before I let you in on my secret weapon against cravings. Cravings are a natural way for your body to tell you, you are not giving it the nutrients it needs, so you end up eating more of the wrong foods. What if I told you that I have found a milkshake that reduces cravings like it’s no ones business? What if I told you that this milkshake is 100% natural. Now what if I told you that one glass of this milkshake has the nutritional equivalent of eating 5 plates of salads? Let me introduce you to Shakeology. At around $4.00 per day, you can have a delicious meal replacement shake that tastes like chocolate cake batter, strawberry, or greenberry. Lets do some math:  Shakeology has less than 200 calories and it replaces a meal. If your standard intake  of  food averages 700 calories, you are now ingesting about 500 less calories per day. Your body will have no choice but to convert excess fat into energy, thus you lose weight, not to mention you will lose your cravings. All this without exercising. Now combine BOTH and you will see explosive results!

Now lets talk about diet:  Replace soda with water. Soda contains about 39 grams of sugar. Your body converts sugar into fat. Now lets take baby steps here ok. Some people define themselves by their diet, they hate change. So only change what you know you will be able to handle and be comfortable with. Drastic changes don’t usually last long, then you end up back where you started. But small baby steps can get you places you never saw yourself going. Shakeology comes with a Healthy Kitchen Recipe book that you can use as a guide to help you make small changes to your diet, lose weight and achieve your goals without leaving your comfort zone.

Tool #3   Support: (Inspire To be Fit)

Why most people fail? They lose motivation. The day in and day out routine of life makes you forget why you started working out in the first place. Your forget your vision, you forget your goals.

When you purchase any one of our workout programs, you will become part of our team. My name is Claudia, and I will be your coach. I will add you to any one of my facebook support groups, we call them “Challenge Groups”  and in there you will find people like minded as yourself with similar goals, that are using the same workout tools as you are. You get to share your progress, your struggles, and your success! We together will help motivate and encourage one another along your journey. And I will personally walk you through your journey and help you become the next success story.

With these 3 tools, Fitness, Nutrition, and Support, you will become successful!

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Published: January 2, 2013